Industries Served

Industries & Applications for Machined Aluminum CNC parts and prototypes

Industries & Applications

Here at TMi we serve a variety of industries and service many applications within those industries.  Although we operate in a multitude of different markets, the mechanical design engineers in those industries face similar challenges – tight timelines, limited internal resources, ever shorter product life cycles, and exacting customer requirements.  Despite the differences in the industries we serve, our value proposition is applicable to them all.  We offer tight tolerance CNC machining services in a variety of physical envelopes, geometric configurations, and quantities.  We are particularly adept at providing machined castings and cast machined housings, and can assist you with casting design; we are able to provide you with a casting model.  We take on turn-key project responsibility – casting, machining, assembly, pressure testing, and outside services (painting, coating, NDT).

Medical CNC Applications

  • Medical Carts
  • Scanning Arms
  • Base Frames for Fluid Analyzers
  • Centrifuge Components
  • Bases for Diagnostic Equipment

Off Road Drive Train

  • Roll Cage for ATV Transmission
  • Cover for Manual Transmission Transaxle
  • Housing for Torque Limiting Gearbox
  • Cast/Machined Housing and Cover for Electrical Power Inverter


Communications/ Energy & Power

  • Satellite Antenna Base
  • Azimuth Arm
  • Tripod Hub
  • Mounting Arm

Energy & Power

  • Power Inverter Housing
  • Fuel Cell Housing
  • Valve Actuator

General Industrial

  • Heat Exchanger Manifold
  • Robotics Housing
  • 3-D Printer Structural Frame
  • Semi-Conductor Production Machine Frame
  • Amphibious Vehicle Structural Component